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How it works?




1-Take the metal pellet of the INCREDIBLE heating bag  using your thumbs and forefingers.


2-Bend the pellet in one direction and the other in order to produce a click which will activate the emission of heat  and crystallization of salt.


3-Knead the bag to soften it and make it soft.








4- To reactivate the INCREDIBLE heating bag, bring a pot of boiling water and immerse the bag for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the size). It is important to ensure that the bag is not in direct contact with the pan (a daisy or a cloth towel is recommended).


5-Continue to boil until all the crystals are dissolved . When the bag is cold again, you can reuse it at any time!



If crystals form while the bag cools, boil it again until completely dissolved.





-Warm your hands and feet while hunting, fishing or hiking


- Warm up your children who are waiting for the bus or doing  a winter sports activity


- Warm up your body before sleeping even at the hotel and when camping


- Help the comfort of the cervical or lumbar region


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